Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Grandpop slept in until 11.30 today...

Grandpop is usually always up by 9, but when 10 came and he was still sleeping I asked Peter if we should go check for a pulse.
"I already looked," Peter said. "And he was breathing."
I wonder at what age do most people think that if someone has slept past 10, it might mean he or she is dead.

I wonder what it's like to eat your breakfast, have your dirty plate, knife and container of lox in front of you and then when asked, "How was breakfast?" have absolutely no memory of what you ate 5 minutes ago. Or worse, as in his case, not even remembering eating.

What is happening in a brain that sets out 3 knives for each person for dinner? No forks. Just 3 butter knives.

When watching Jeopardy the other night there was a clue about Emily Dickinson's life; birth 1830-death 1886.
Grandpop said about it: "Yeah she died in an automobile accident." (The Ford model T didn't come out in 1908)

As you may know Grandpop got a new eye recently, and with it came a solution for cleaning the eye- while it's out of your socket. Basically it's like eye Windex. But, Grandpop tries to drop it directly into his eye- while it's still in the socket. So Grandmom helps him out and tells him to pop out the eye and she cleans it off, hands him his eye to go rinse in the sink, and gives him the eye Windex to put away.
"So I put this in my eye?" he asks, regarding the eye Windex. (Even though his eye is in his hand.)
"No, George, it's for cleaning your prosthesis," Grandmom says.
"Well where's that?" he asks.
"It's in your hand and you're going to drop it if you don't hold on tight."
"So I need to wash off my eye?"
"Yes George, and DO NOT drop that thing down the garbage disposal."

How many other people do you hear tell their spouse not to drop their eye down the garbage disposal? It's a whole 'nother world in this house.

Thank god Peter has been around so much these past few weeks, so Grandpop has someone else to watch and nag besides myself. It's funny to hear, now and then, Peter say, "I know what I'm doing Dad, I'm 55 years-old." Who knew at that age your dad might still be nagging you about something like leaving early enough to make it to the car-repair before it closes. Because, as Grandpop knows, you need to leave at least 45 minutes early to make a 4 mile trip.

But, Grandpop is always right, so there's no point in arguing. Another reason why not to argue: Grandpop won't even remember what you're arguing about 2 minutes into the discussion. And even if you're right- he won't remember having the discussion anyway.

Oh the brain is a crazy little thing.

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Tom said...

So my sister Kendra told me about this guys blog who wrote about his crazy grandparents. She also said it was hilarious.

I agree, this is some of the funniest stuff I've read in awhile, kudos.